TESDAとはTechnical Education and Skills Development authority(フィリピン労働雇用技術教育技能教育庁)の略です。



SSPとはSpecial Study Permit(特別就学許可証)の略で、観光ビザにてフィリピンに入国された外国人が、就学される場合に申請が義務付けられる許可証となります。











City Times SquareそしてParkmall内には、エステ、マッサージ、ジムもあります。












Shella Marie Mango

Hello! I’m Shella Marie Magno but just call me Teacher Shella. I’m from the beautiful City, Cebu Philippines. ESL is my ever first job right after I graduated from college. I took Bachelor of Science in Nursing and proceeded to Diploma of Professional Education, majoring in Biology.

I have been in this ESL Education for almost 10 years. I teach offline and online English classes. I had my trainings from my previous company. I underwent basic ESL program, then had IELTS training for 3 months and 4 months of Cambridge KET, PET and FCE Writing. Nowadays, I’m learning TOEIC! Never stop learning. It’s challenging and fun! As what the proverb says “Try and try until you succeed.”

Jo-an E. Boyose

Hi, I’m Jo-An but you can address me as “Jo” or Ms. “Jo”, I have been an ESL instructor for about 5 years. Teaching is my passion, I like sharing knowledge to help other people to have a better, effective and convenient communication everyday. Whenever I have a spare time, I join and volunteer teaching English to some foreigners in a Language Exchange program here in Cebu as well as I learn other languages such as Korean and Japanese from them. It will be my pleasure and inspiration to see how my students improve their communication skill.

Carla B. Geraldo

Hi! I’m Carla. I’m a degree holder of Elementary Education. I have passion for teaching and actively do volunteer in an organization “Sharing Bread with God’s Children”. I love teaching and helping other people by joining charities. I also experienced working in an ESL School as an Instructor.

Aiko Maries B. Ngojo

Hi! I'm Aiko Maries Ngojo, my students usually call me "Aiko". I have years of experience both in ESL and private school. I finished my bachelor's degree at the first university of cebu the University of Visayas. I already passed my licensed and currently pursuing my graduate degree in a state university. 

My interests are reading a few novels and article and I also write random things during my free time. I like to learn languages specifically Japanese and French. 

I have a strong passion in teaching. Sharing what I've learnt to someone and see them wearing a content face makes me happy. Especially teaching foreign students makes my career more interesting and challenging.

Mary Joy Escultor

Hi there! I'm Mary Joy Escultor but my friends usually just call me Joy. I'm from the Historic Resort City of Lapu-Lapu, Philippines. I took BSED – English. And fortunately, after I graduate few months after I passed the Licensure Exam for Teachers. At first, teaching is not really my passion, I find it as one of the most tiring job ever existed but ironically, I've been in this industry for a couple of years now and responsible for my growth and development as an aspiring educator. I've taken comprehensive seminars and trainings for me to equipped with great knowledge and strategies to be a competitive and an effective educator to my foreign students.

Ivy Marie Antig

Hello! I’m Ivy Marie Antig but just call me Teacher Ivy. I’ve earned my  Bachelor’s Degree in Education, majoring in English and subsequently passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers. This kind of environment is new to me because it’s far different from the workplace I used to work before. Yet, I must admit that my decision to work in an ESL Education is one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. It allows me to grow professionally, gives me the chance to further my English skills and learned a lot of things that I’ve never learned before. Moreover, seeing your students who are always eager to learn is one of the things that inspire me to love my job more.